Hello, my name is Antoine Renault, I'm a Software Engineer who is specialized in building Web Application from start to finish.

I'm looking for a new project that can help me discover new experiences, grow with diversity in tech, an develop an active voice in the community. I'm currently located in Paris, France, but willing to discover to new cities.

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About myself

I'm a self-defined Fullstack Developper with +3 years of working on the Front Side (React, Vue, Building Interface, Accessibility), on the Back Side (Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python) and on the Server Side (Deployment, Docker, CI/CD) with a liking of automating my workplace. I studied during 5+ years full stack development, Interface creation and project management with an initial background and interest of art study.

I'm looking forward to working on new technologies, developing a more active voice in the tech community, and being in kind and diverse workplace environment. I also enjoy creating, developing and communicating about well defined projects that have a purpose of helping others. I find that I work best on small teams with clear processes and mentoring baked in, but it's also something I'm used to bring with me!

You can find here my resume, my latest projects, my open source codes and soon my thoughts on this website. I'm currently reading "The Broken Earth" trilogy by N. K. Jemisin and my latest favorite album is "99,9%" by Kaytranada.